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Auckland Harbour Cruises – Party Boat Hire Auckland Harbour

Set sail on the pristine waters of Auckland Harbour with Ocean Eagle Charters, the leading name in luxury harbour cruises. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, host a corporate event, or simply enjoy the beauty of the sea, Ocean Eagle Charters offers a range of cruise packages tailored to your needs.

Cruise Special Packages:

  1. Wedding Cruises: Make your special day even more memorable by exchanging vows against the backdrop of the ocean.
  2. Corporate Function Cruises: Impress your clients or reward your employees with a unique corporate event on the water.
  3. Stag Party Cruises: Celebrate the groom’s last hurrah with a party that’s both grand and adventurous.
  4. Birthday Party Cruises: Mark your milestone with a celebration on the waves.
  5. 21st Birthday Party Cruises: Make turning 21 an unforgettable experience with a luxury cruise.
  6. Private Functions Cruises: Customize your event, be it an anniversary, reunion, or any other celebration.
  7. Sporting Events Cruises: Enjoy your favorite sports in a unique setting.
  8. Hen Party Cruises: Celebrate the bride-to-be with a fun and festive cruise.
  9. Custom Cruise: Tailor your cruise experience to fit your vision and preferences.
  10. Religious Celebration Cruises: Mark religious milestones with a serene and spiritual journey on the water.

About Ocean Eagle Charters: The Ocean Eagle, formerly known as ‘Chubasco’ & ‘American Eagle’, is a luxury 72-foot 3-level Swath Ocean catamaran, designed and built in the United States. It offers the perfect setting for luxury parties accommodating up to 150 people.

Get in Touch: For bookings and more information, you can reach out to Ocean Eagle Charters at Berth 8, Eastern Viaduct Harbour, Auckland CBD or contact them via phone or email.

Thought-Provoking Questions:

  1. The Evolution of Celebrations: How have boat parties redefined the way we celebrate special occasions?
  2. The Allure of the Sea: What makes celebrations on the water stand out compared to traditional venues?
  3. Customization and Personal Touch: How can personalizing your cruise experience enhance the overall event?
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