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Party Boat Hire Auckland for Groups of 10 – 150

As the leading charter vessel operating out of Auckland’s Viaduct Basin, the Ocean Eagle also caters to companies seeking a unique, versatile and cost-effective alternative for a wide range of business meetings and events, including:

Hire Boats for Private Functions

Party Boat Hire Auckland

Luxury boats can be hired for Auckland Harbour Cruise to have work functions, corporate events and product launches.

Treat your staff and clients to something special. Rent a luxuriously appointed private skippered boat. An experienced Captain will navigate the vessel of your choice, from one of our impressive fleet. Cruise the ocean of the Auckland.

If you’re looking for a way to impress clients, Ocean Eagle Charters absolutely take center stage. Local clients will see Auckland from a new perspective. International clients will do something unique that will populate their social media feeds.

We’ll take care of every detail- from food and beverage requirement, to setting up the plush interior of one of our boats, for the meeting.

Our luxury corporate boat hire options include:

  • Meetings
    Set up the tables and chairs in a configuration which encourages great dynamics on board. Hot beverages- or cold drinks? Select both! We can provide a lavish spread of fine food too.
  • Transfers to events
    Impress your staff and clients. We can be your private taxi if needed.
  • Product launches
    Launch your product with style. Do you require a photographer to capture this historic moment? Ask us.
  • Staff team building and rewards
    There is no better to reward your staff for a job well done. Let the cruise bring team together and build a stronger bond.
  • Tours and sightseeing for clients new to the City.
    Impress your international or interstate visitors with a water tour they will cherish. Cruise along the Ocean Eagle and go past iconic buildings and views. Let us help you plan stopovers for photo opportunities or dining experiences.

Get in touch with us for all your Corporate Hire inquiries.

Awards dinner cruises or conference finale events

Senior Management Team Strategy Days:
Off-site management team ‘Away-Days’ and business planning sessions

Brainstorming Sessions:
Group brainstorming in larger areas, multiple ‘Breakout Areas’ for smaller groups

Social Club Events / Team Building:
Themed events, cocktail parties, lunch or dinner cruises… try a Casino Night – the options are only limited by your imagination

Key Account Hospitality:
Day or night cruises, dinners, lunches, ‘Wine & Cheese’ afternoons, cocktails cruises, and even pre-match rugby hospitality

New Product Launches:
Flexible spaces, minimal decoration required, pop-up banner friendly – all to a captive audience.

Party Boat Hire Auckland for 3 or 4 hours

This boat is a luxury catamaran available for private charter for functions of up to 150 guests – ideal for any work function, Christmas party or corporate event in Auckland. The charter boat will depart from the Viaduct in Auckland so ideal for anyone to get to.

The best thing is you get a DJ included in the price as well, so boogie the night away.

The boat has 2 areas that are functioning as dining & dance floor two bars plenty of bathrooms.
There is also two lounge areas with upstairs an outdoor deck & smoking area.
The large Auckland charter boat is fully licensed and the two bars offer a great selection of beers, spirits, liqueurs and leading New Zealand wines.
Great boat for that special Xmas party in Auckland with space for dancing mingling and outside to enjoy those spectacle views. This boat would also be ideal for any conference set up team-building like casino nights, brainstorming meetings and product launches – the opportunity is endless.

The bar staff are very friendly and they are ready to take care of the needs of you and your guests. We prepare our own food on-board (vs. bringing in catered food) and our experienced catering team offers a selection of menus to suit any occasion. Menus can be provided.

Auckland harbour dinner cruise or lunch;

Min 2 hours charter from Jan-Oct with the option of adding more hours to your charter.
Any Friday and Saturday in November and December we require a minimum of 80 guests and a minimum of 4 hours cruising. Cost is slightly higher in that time frame and on any night time cruising Friday and Saturday.
Talk to Ocean Eagle about menus
These requirements do not apply to any other evenings or day times.

Pricing listed is for November or December bookings for 2 – 7 hours Friday OR Saturday Dinner cruises
All other times and dates are slightly cheaper. Talk to Ocean Eagle about your date. Midweek dates are cheaper.
Deposit required. Early booking is essential. Ocean Eagle recommend for any popular November & December dates to start booking as early as April

Talk to Ocean Eagle today, get a full quote and see how we can find you a great party boat for your Auckland Xmas Party.

Why Party Boat Hire Auckland Corporate Function Cruises Are A Great Way To Get

Your Coworkers Out

When you’re looking for a venue for your next corporate event, you want to make sure you have
something that’s going to stand out from the rest.
After all, what better way to show off your company culture than by hosting an event that lets
employees relax and enjoy themselves in a unique setting?
Luckily, boat rentals are a great choice when it comes to planning a party. You can choose from a
variety of options—from small boats with just enough room for a few people to gather together,
all the way up to large yachts with plenty of room for everyone in your office.
Plus, if you’re looking for other ways to make your event special, there are tons of different
party themes available with boat cruises. From weddings to birthdays and everything in
between, we can help you create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.
If you’re the kind of person who loves to plan fun events for your coworkers and team
members, then corporate function cruises are a great way to get everyone out and about. You
can plan an entire weekend for them, or even just a day trip if you want to keep it simple. The
best part is that you don’t need to be in charge of everything—you can simply hire a cruise line
that specializes in these types of trips and let them handle everything from beginning to end.
This will make sure that all of your guests have an amazing time without any stress or worry on
your part!
Here are some ideas for making sure everyone has a great time:
– Book an excursion at each port during the day so they can see some of the local wildlife
or landmarks while they’re there (think whale watching!).
– Bring along some food and drinks so you can enjoy them together on deck during sunset
(or sunrise).
– Make sure there’s plenty of space for people to mingle with one another during the
party—this will help build relationships between employees at different levels within your
company so everyone feels invested in each other’s success!
Corporate Function Cruises – A Great Way To Get Your Coworkers Out Of The Office
If your company has a corporate function cruise, you’re probably wondering what the benefits
are. There are many reasons why a corporate function cruise can be beneficial for your
company, but here are some of the main ones:

1. It’s a great way to get coworkers out of the office and into an environment where they can
2. It’s a great way to get coworkers out of the office and into an environment where they can
learn about each other in a new way—by talking about their favorite movies or TV shows while
they’re watching them together on the ship!
3. It’s also a chance for people who don’t normally work together to bond over shared interests
and hobbies!
Want to get your employees out of the office and on a boat?
Why not!
Corporate Function Cruises are a great way to get your coworkers out of the office and into a
new setting. Holidays like Christmas and New Year’s can be tough on the team, so why not take
them somewhere they’ll have fun?
We have a variety of different cruises that can fit any company’s budget, whether you’re looking
for a casual afternoon cruise or an all-out party cruise. The choice is yours!
Some of the things you can do on our corporate function cruises include:
• Enjoying a delicious meal together
• Playing games and just having fun with your coworkers
• Watching movies together under the stars
• Dancing around with everyone else on board

The ocean provides a unique opportunity for unique events and activities.
Whether it’s a company picnic, a team-building event, or just an excuse to get out of the office
and have some fun with your coworkers, corporate function cruises are a great way to do it.
From our experience, we’ve found that when people are on vacation, they’re more willing to let
their guard down and have fun with their colleagues in ways they might not otherwise. That’s
why we at Ocean Eagle Charter believe that corporate function cruises are a great way to get
your coworkers out of the office and into the sun.
With a Corporate Function Cruise, you can host an event that is fun and relaxing for everyone.
This type of event will help you and your employees get a break from the daily grind and enjoy
some time together.
The best part about Corporate Function Cruises is that they are not too expensive. You can
choose from different options depending on how much money you have to spend.

We always hear about the importance of team bonding when working in the office. But, with
most offices staying open until late hours, working on the weekends, and even being spread out
over different cities or states, it’s not a surprise that some employees feel like they are losing
touch. In order to prevent this from happening,

Party Boat Hire Auckland for Groups of 10 – 150

Overview: Ocean Eagle, operating out of Auckland’s Viaduct Basin, is the leading charter vessel that caters to a wide range of business meetings and events. This includes luxury boat hires for Auckland Harbour Cruises to host work functions, corporate events, product launches, and more.


  • Luxury Catamaran: The Ocean Eagle can accommodate up to 150 guests, making it ideal for any work function, Christmas party, or corporate event in Auckland.
  • Location: The charter boat departs from the Viaduct in Auckland, ensuring easy accessibility.
  • DJ Included: A DJ is included in the price, allowing guests to enjoy music and dance.
  • Bar & Catering: The boat is fully licensed with two bars offering a selection of beers, spirits, liqueurs, and leading New Zealand wines. Their experienced catering team provides a variety of menus to suit any occasion.

Types of Events Suitable for the Cruise:

  • Work functions and corporate events
  • Product launches
  • Staff team building and rewards
  • Tours and sightseeing for clients new to the City
  • Conferences, awards dinner cruises, or conference finale events
  • Senior Management Team Strategy Days
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Social Club Events / Team Building

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the time of year, day of the week, and duration of the cruise. For specific pricing details and availability, it’s recommended to contact Ocean Eagle Charters directly.

Conclusion: Ocean Eagle Charters offers a unique venue for hosting corporate events, providing a blend of luxury, scenic views, and customizable options to ensure a memorable experience.

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